It’s No Coincidence She Is My Partner


In nature, a lone wolf stands alone. Independent. Separate from the pack. As a human we are introverted, in solitude and work alone. Basically we tell everyone to fuck off. These were the traits I used to follow and as I’ve come out of my shell, stood in my confidence and created connections in my life, […]

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Why Wouldn’t You Come To LA?

Santa Monica

Very few of my friends and family have been to LA. I honestly don’t think people realize how great this city is. It’s fucking huge and I can guarantee if you want to do anything, you can find it here. The events that roll through here like Santa Monica Pier concert series, the US Open of Surfing […]

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Just Because I’m Not Drinking…


…does not mean I should get checked off the “lets go out” list. I’m a fucking good time without alcohol so screw you! Ok ok, that’s a little intense but I seriously cannot handle it lately. Yes, I realize I am overly attached to this issue and I am working on it. I have chosen not […]

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Keep Off That Vacation 15


This is not impossible people. Yes, of course you’re going to indulge in the food of the culture and try new things but why indulge so much that you set yourself back when you’ve worked so hard to get where you are now? We as humans do this to ourselves way too often. It’s called boundaries. Set […]

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When He Tells You You’re The Best Sex Ever

best sex

How do you even take that compliment when you can’t say the same thing back? “Really? Aww, thank you!” Ugh! So awkward. It reminds me of when someone says “I love you” and the other person comes back with “OK”. Ummm….ouch! Maybe it’s not to that extreme but I can’t lie in this situation. It’s […]

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That Free-Class-High-On-Life Status


So without even realizing it, this week is all about getting high. This is the kind of high I’m talkin’ about. A fitness lifestyle high. If you’ve followed me on IG in the last few months, you’ll know I’ve been attending free fitness events all over LA and have been having the time of my life. […]

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Real Talk…The Overnight Kit

night kit

Assuming most females have had this conversation, because lord knows my girls and I have, the topic of a discreet overnight kit has come up more often than not with the summer vibes in full effect. It’s breading season here in LA as everyone hits the beach, day drinking is in full moon status and […]

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The Half Up Top Knot So Doesn’t Work For Me

top knot

Or does it? I had full intentions of telling you all the reasons why this look doesn’t work but after wearing my hair like this all day Saturday, I’m kind of lovin’ it. This new found confidence and more outgoing personality is really working for me. I’m feeling good about this little top knot ordeal. Before, […]

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Who Actually Follows Through With A Morning Routine?

morning ritual

Well obviously by the title of this post, I do not. I try so hard to be good, organized and have my shit together but if I’m 100% honest, a routine NEVER happens. I have great intention on adopting this method of calmness, health and organization into my morning but for some reason, I reject […]

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I Found Something On My Neck And I’m Nervous As F@#$

my neck

So it’s been awhile since I’ve been to any doctor. The only time I go is if there’s an emergency because I’m in so much pain, I can’t handle it anymore. I know it’s bad but I just hate everything about those places. It’s cold, all white walls (which I love in any other situation) […]

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How I Holistically Medicated Myself Through Strep Throat


You should know by now that I’m someone who goes all in or not at all.  If you don’t know this about me, well you do now. With that being said, I strongly believe in doing things holistically as much as possible. F the antibiotics. Most of them are placebos anyways. If you’re sick, do […]

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Personal Space Is Of The Essence And I Am Not Blessed With It


If you’ve been following my Snapchat (@jodi_girl), you’ll see I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately and it’s not stopping any time soon. Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego, Indio and then Michigan. I truly enjoy everything about it, seeing as how I’m worry free during this time, but there is one downside of it all […]

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Stop Overthinking The Shit He (Or She) Says


After rereading yesterday’s post over and over again, I started to wonder if I was overthinking words that were said. Maybe talking to his Mom isn’t as big of a deal as it would be if a guy talked to my Mom. Maybe him telling me he wasn’t seeing anyone else meant just that. It […]

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I’m The Giver In Relationships


All yo dirty ass minds need to relax. No I’m not talking about sexually giving. Family reads this shit and although I have no filter most of the time, I can’t be talkin about all that now. I’m talking putting all my eggs in one basket. Giving my all to someone and giving them everything […]

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Cabo Like A Baller. Is That Even A Word Used Anymore?


Ok. Lets get one thing straight before I get into this. No I did not pay for this trip. I was blessed to have a friend pay for this experience as my broke ass could have never been able to afford it. If you do have the means to do so, or save up enough money, […]

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